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Authorized Teachers

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Michaela Boehm

Michaela Boehm is a lineage holder in Kashmiri Shaivism Tantra having received a classical tantric education from a young age. In addition to over twenty years of extensive academic and clinical background in psychology and counseling, Michaela also traveled and taught with David Deida for 13 years. She has developed a women’s curriculum for feminine embodiment, as well as teaching couples and men about the principles of intimacy and polarity.

Anna-Lena “Shama” Gustavsson
California, USA

Anna-Lena ‘Shama’ Gustavsson’s career in the health industry spans over five decades. She trained as a physical therapist at Lund’s University, and teaches yoga and trance dance. She lives at the off-grid retreat center ‘Heartland’ in Northern California, which she co-founded. She has four adult children and her motto is: ‘A day with passion is a day lived’. Shama is a qualified teacher in both the Non-Linear Movement Method® and The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop®.

Julie Ward
Ontario, Canada

Julie Ward, a Certified Co-active Professional Coach™, offers deep insight and wisdom on intimacy and relationship in a light-hearted, earthy manner through unique private sessions and group workshops. Julie’s love of family saw her shift her 20-year Executive Leadership practice to a body-centered coaching model. She is a certified Wild Woman’s Circle teacher under Michaela Boehm’s Wild Woman’s Way® approach.

Danny Neifert
California & Colorado, USA

Danny was born on the Navajo reservation. A former white water river guide, she believes that life is an endless river of adventure and the best way to understand something is to jump in and get dirty. She has immersed in The Society of Friends (Quakers), the Right Use of Will Movement, Gurdjieff, and has studied with Michaela since 2008. Danny is a holistic solo entrepreneur and a mother of two.

Theresa Andersen
British Columbia, Canada

Theresa’s work as an Intuitive-teacher-guide, is formed by her studies in mysticism, sacred texts and Master Life coaching as well as her training with the masters in the field of intuition and wisdom studies. She offers powerful resources such as Non-Linear Movement to empower, and encourage self-determination and freedom. She has qualified in all 3 paths including the Non-Linear Movement Method® – The Intimacy & Attraction Workshop® – Wild Woman’s Circle™.

Bella LaVey
Texas, USA

Bella LaVey is a sex and relationship coach with an extensive background in Daoist sexual alchemy, tantra, shamanism and sacred dance. She is also a certified qigong instructor, licensed massage therapist, and the creator of the feminine qigong form ‘Dance of the Immortaless’. She is authorized by Michaela Boehm and Steve James to facilitate Wild Woman’s Way Circle® and The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop®.

Krista Willie
Ontario, Canada

Krista grew up in a small rural town in Ontario. She works as a certified yoga teacher and public accountant. She is passionate about providing accessible, practical, everyday skills in the areas of movement, relationships and finances. Krista has engaged with this style of yoga for over a decade and is an authorized facilitator of The Non-Linear Movement Method®, The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop® Level 1 & Level 2, and The Wild Woman’s Circle™.


Andrea has deeply immersed herself in the work of Michaela Boehm and Steve James since 2014. She holds a PhD in sustainable development and her background includes coaching, shamanism, meditation, dance, mountaineering, and yoga, which she combines with her insights into women’s practice and couples dynamics. She is a qualified teacher in the Non-Linear Movement Method®, The Intimacy and the Attraction Workshop® Level 1+2 and The Wild Woman’s Circle™. (German) / (English)

Ellen Waenink

Ellen is an entrepreneur, coach and group facilitator based in Amsterdam. Her main areas of focus are leadership development, (re-)building trust in teams, authentic and embodied communication and conscious relating in personal and professional relationships. She is on a mission to help evolve more presence, connection, aliveness and interconnectedness in diverse contexts. Her workshops are in service of intimacy, connection, expression and embodiment. See the events that she organises here.

Hannah Levien

A practicing Vajrayana Buddhist since she was 12 years old Hannah has extensive experience in meditation and Buddhism. She has experience in the fields of systemic change management, organizational development, archetypal work, and yoga. In the search of feminine embodiment practices Hannah found Michaela and Steve and qualified to facilitate the Wild Woman´s Circle™ in 2017. A mother of 3, Hannah is also fluent in English, German, and Spanish.

Sara Kizildel

Sara has over 15 years of experience in Food and Beverage industry as a leader. Her love for embodiment shifted her career to guiding people to return to their bodies and hearts. She has studied with Michaela & Steve since 2017. She is a Jungian Coach, yoga instructor and certified in The Non-Linear Movement Method®️, The Intimacy & Attraction workshop®️ & The Wild Woman’s Circle™️.

Julia Paulette Hollenbery
United Kingdom

Julia has worked professionally for 25 years with The Grinberg Method, Craniosacral Therapy and Family Constellations. She is authorized ​in The Intimacy & Attraction Workshop® Level 2, NonLinear Movement Method®, and ​The ​Wild Woman’s Circle™. She is passionate about sharing her life-long love of the mystery, real sensual relationship and the life of the body.

Freya Isobel

Freya Isobel is an energy medicine practitioner and a Beautiful You life coach specializing in archetypes. Freya has a BA (Drama) from QUT and studied playwriting at NIDA, which informs her work through an understanding of the power of archetypes, language and ritual. The dance between the polarities of yin and yang is essential to her work, as is assisting clients to hear their own intuition.

Robyn Augusta Fehnel
Florida, USA

Robyn (M.Div, RYT, Chaplain) has dedicated her life to the study and development of spiritual practices. Serving as a congregational pastor & hospice chaplain she witnessed the search for spirit often bypassed our humanness. Robyn began her embodiment work with Michaela in 2009, attributing it to be the most transformative soil for compassion & connection.

Traci Prendergast
California, USA

Traci’s career began in food, first transforming ingredients for pleasure and connection, and later, as a way to achieve our ultimate vibrancy. She is a qualified Wild Women’s Circle™ teacher, and believes deeply in women’s group embodiment practices. Traci specializes in diet and lifestyle for auto-immune disorders, and has studied with Michaela since 2017. She has owned a bakery, a food truck and a meal delivery business.

Lorraine Stern
California, USA

Lorraine has been a holistic practitioner for 20 years. She holds certifications as a Homeopath, Bowen Work fascia release specialist, Reiki Master, and Shamanic practitioner. She lives on a 14-acre organic farm near Moss Landing California and loves to show people how to come back into their bodies and their hearts, so they can live their lives to the fullest.

Dr Lim Xiang Jun

Dr Lim Xiang Jun is a practicing multidisciplinary TCM doctor in Singapore with a Doctorate Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She also holds a First Class Honors graduate in Biomedical Science, as well as certifications in Yoga, Shamanism, Healing, Reiki, Ayurveda, Metaphysics and Aesthetic Osteopathy, Non-Linear Movement Method® and now also a Wild Woman’s Circle™ Teacher.

Maureen Nowicki

I am intrigued by uncovering what makes one tick at a soul level. While I make my home on an Island, I feel blessed when I have the chance to venture far and wide. My education and career are in social work. My passions include Aromatherapy, Chakradance, Feng Shui, Soul Realignment, and Numerology. Adding Wild Woman’s Circle™ Facilitator to my repertoire brings me great joy!

Ashlea Broomfield

Ashlea Broomfield is a GP in NSW, Australia. She utilises embodiment practices and Non-Linear Movement to support her practice and is an authorized teacher of the Non-Linear Movement Method® and The Wild Woman’s Circle™. A lover of laughter and fun, she also enjoys MTB, surfing, skiing and hiking. Ashlea has a particular interest in the well-being of health professionals.

Stefanie Buchhöcker

After 10 years of crisis intervention and preclinical trauma work in Vienna she decided to study Japanese shiatsu therapy specializing in children groups, family sessions and female body. With The Wild Woman’s Circle™ Teacher Training a bridge between her counseling work and feminine embodiment practices was built.

Tara Thomas

Tara believes the path to collective liberation is through relational self-awareness and skills development. This reshapes our intimate relationships and ripples out to transform families & communities. She takes an experiential approach, incorporating embodiment practices alongside curious conversations to guide couples to discover their own unique dynamics. Tara is a certified teacher of The Non-Linear Movement Method® and the Wild Woman’s Circle™.

Theres Kull

Connecting to the body and accessing the full spectrum of sensual expression has been essential to Theres throughout her life.
She creates intimate (and at times provocative) experiences for women to drop out of their calculating and critical minds to fully experience the present by integrating life coaching, embodiment and movement practices, and drawing from the philosophy of Feng Shui and Slow Sex.

Chelsey Lee Fasano
New York, USA

Chelsey Lee Fasano researches meditation and neuroscience at Columbia University, works as Head of Research and Development at a sex education company, and offers sexuality counseling as well as instructions in beginning meditation practice.

Meghann McCracken
Louisiana, USA

Meghann McCracken is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter who lives in New Orleans. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Nonfiction at the University of New Orleans. She is also developing a series of personal growth courses combining her training in restorative yoga, Jungian studies, coaching, embodiment, and storytelling as a means of healing and discovery.

Chrischa Venus Oswald

Chrischa is an artist and writer/poet fueled by the love for a life of authentic self-expression, deep exchange and the curiosity to learn & expand. Besides her own creative work she is keen on empowering and supporting others to reconnect with their body and inner wisdom through creative processes (certified through an Art Therapy Training, IEK Berlin) as well as sensuality, mindful practices and embodiment.

Rueida Muntasser

Rueida was born and raised in Europe and from the Arab world, exposed to both cultural factors, traditions and society. Since she started exploring her own body her next step was to deepen into the understandings and studies of the somatic body genius to coach in the felt, embodied way and through movement, as now a qualified and certified Teacher of the Wild Woman’s Circle™ and of The Non-Linear Movement Method®.

Lisa Stegman
Colorado, USA

Lisa Stegman is a psychotherapist living, working, playing in Boulder, Colorado. She is passionate about adult development and structures that support growth. Her practice is focused on transitions and potential transformation of the midlife journey. Dancing, yoga, hiking the mountains, cooking, travel, gardening and her French Bulldog bring her joy. She loves helping people connect to their own embodied knowing, to others, and to the unnamable.

Bree Taylor Molyneaux
Australia & Online

An experienced facilitator Bree has over 25 years in the personal development industry including Coaching, Hypnotherapy and more recently Embodiment. She offers a range of Embodiment led workshops & programs for women and couples in the Brisbane area, with a key focus on supporting women in their relationships to pleasure, sensuality and healthy devotion to Men. Bree is a qualified Wild Woman’s Way Circle™ & Intimacy & Attraction™ teacher, passionate about furthering Michaela’s body of work. Visit

Julia Glesti

Julia is a passionate yoga teacher for women. After practicing and teaching many different yoga styles she fell more and more in love with a feminine approach to yoga. One that respects our inherent cyclical nature and supports our overall well-being as women. She teaches online feminine and fertility yoga as well as Wild Woman’s Circles™ in German.

Angie Byrd
South Carolina, USA

Angie Byrd built a career partnering with women ready to create extraordinary results in their lives. Angie created Wild Studio because she learned, through her own intense personal experience, that Good Sex Changes Every (Thing). At Wild Studio, Angie teaches women to create Good Sex and real intimacy in their lives through free resources, movement practices, individual coaching, retreats, and live group experiences.

Kirsten Freeland
Canada & Online

Kirsten is the mother of two and a successful entrepreneur. Widowed at age 36, Kirsten’s passion for leadership in embodiment is focused on providing support and mentorship for widows, mothers as solo parents, and all women entrepreneurs. As a certified facilitator of the Non-Linear Movement Method® and the Wild Woman’s Circle®, she offers a sacred container for the rediscovery of self trust and inner knowing.

Marina Heinrich Valner
California, USA

Following a successful career in co-founding and running a start up in Silicon Valley, Marina left the corporate world to explore her passion for embodiment, intimacy, and personal growth. She is a trained musician and dancer who enjoys creating and facilitating safe spaces for people to explore their bodies and awaken their innate, wild natures. She is certified in The Non-Linear Movement Method® and The Wild Woman’s Circle™.

Stefanie Mettin

Stefanie radiates a natural joy of life and loves to follow her curiosity to explore the richness of being. She finds balance in sensual pleasures and soft movement. She loves to connect deeply with others and offers a safe and warm atmosphere when teaching The Non-Linear Movement Method® and organizing Wild Woman’s Circles™ online and live in Hamburg.

Ronit Ashkenazi
California, USA

Ronit Ashkenazi is turned on by all things relationship, intimacy, and sexuality. She pivoted from a 20+ year career as an award-winning acupuncturist and natural medicine healer to work full-time as an embodiment and empowerment coach, writer, and artist. She is a certified teacher in The Non-Linear Movement Method® and The Wild Woman’s Circle™.

Nada Mesqui
The Netherlands & Online

Nada Mesqui – leadership & embodiment coach, guide and mentor. Nada strives to create a space in which each woman can feel safe enough to explore her fullest range of expression. Her love and devotion to exploring embodiment practices that can connect us to the wildest, most daring, and at the same time, intimate part of us guides her and her participants into a fierce and loving space of play & pleasure.

Jessica Van Valkenburgh
Michigan, USA

Jessica is a Certified Body Confidence Coach, Movement & Dance Instructor, Registered Yoga Instructor-RYT 500 and the founder of Brazenly Beautiful. Jessica loves to help her clients develop their self-esteem, confidence and sense of Self through the pure joy of embodied movement. Jessica is an authorized Non-Linear Movement Method® Facilitator, and is in also progress of becoming a Somatic Movement Therapist.

Jennifer Christian
Texas, USA

Jennifer is an experienced Somatic EMDR embodiment therapist. She creates spaces where people learn embodiment skills, process past traumas, and share together what it means to be fully human. Her approach includes working with the “whole” person: mind, heart, body, and spirit. She is a qualified Wild Women’s Circle™ teacher and has experienced the benefits of women’s circle embodiment practices.

Alexandra Jung
Switzerland & Online

Alexandra, a certified Feminine Embodiment Coach, offers deep transformation creating an intimate relationship with the physical body and inner child. She weaves together Embodiment, her knowledge in balancing the subtle energies and her experience in accompanying persons in extraordinary life situations as a former nurse anesthetist. She is a certified Wild Woman’s Circle™ Teacher and authorized Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner.

Julie Zdravkovska

Julie Zdravkovska is an international Medium and Healer who has dedicated her life helping many breakthrough physical, emotional and mental traumas and grief. She has seen how her spiritual gifts coupled with embodiment practices have offered insightful guidance and healing to those on their life journey. Julie is a qualified teacher in the Wild Woman’s Circle™and Non-Linear Movement Method®.

Bjarney Hinriksdóttir

Bjarney is an Art director/Graphic designer by day and a Movement/ Yoga teacher/ Compassion based Mindfulness teacher by night 🙂
She has lived and studied in several places around the world and now runs her own design company as well as a yoga studio in Reykjavík, where she currently teaches embodied yoga/movement and mindfulness meditation.

Olga Bychkova (Jigme Tara)

I am Olga, Jigme Tara. I was born from the Earth womb at the dawn of the day. I live in India. I am a dancer, healer and fashion designer. I follow the path of Buddhadharma and believe in psychotherapy and plant- based medicine. I am a mother. I am a woman. I am You. Come join the circle! Let’s dance and play!

Julianna Sauber

I started my journey healing myself, became a naturopath, then discovered the power of calm in creating health and finding the emotional, energetic and environmental root causes of physical illness. I’m excited to be a part of the Wild Woman’s Circle™ Practitioner family, embodiment adds a powerful element of practice to life.

Nicola Parish
United Kingdom

Nicola is passionate about empowering women in midlife, connecting them to their pleasure and confidence. As an Embodied Female Pleasure™, Wild Woman’s Circle™ facilitator she brings her eight years experience as an energy healer and mentor to online and in person workshops and circles. Her signature program “Pleasure Unleashed” supports privates clients to awaken and enhance pleasure already within the body.

Erica Sartini-Combs
Indiana, USA & Online

Erica Sartini-Combs is the owner of Guided Place, a home for nurturing the connection of self + soul. Erica is passionate about creating experiences and providing tools that promote self-discovery and deepening consciousness. She is a Wild Woman’s Way Circle™ Teacher, Human Design Guide, Aura-Soma Practitioner, and Color Light Therapist. She offers services in-person and virtually.

Bianca Komansky

Hello I’m Bianca Komanksy…and I have a deep yearning for all of us to feel deep down in our bones that we belong. Living on the Island of Bermuda working with over 20yrs of experience. I support women & men to transmute their pain, release sabotaging blocks and harness their magic, so that they can awaken their sacred calling and manifest an empowered filled life.

Diana Binder Wettstein
Switzerland & Online

Diana grew up on a farm and inherited her Grandmother’s knowledge about herbal healing. She is a management member of a Swiss Institute for Adult Education and has been a independent trainer since 2007 with a focus on self-management and leadership seminars. She loves to blend scientific and traditional approaches. Courses & coachings in Swiss-German, German and English. (Certified Wild Woman’s Circle™ & NLMM® Teacher)

Daisy Poesen

Daisy has always had a passion for wholistic wellbeing, since her early twenties she has been a yogi and an explorer of trauma therapies, Celtic traditions, and plant medicine. In the safety and comfort of her own ceremonial space, she combines everything she has learned in the past decade and a half to guide individuals and small groups to a truly fulfilling life.

Molly Leitner
Pennsylvania, USA

Molly is passionate about helping women connect to and celebrate the major transformations and cycles of their lives. She is the owner and founder of Lunamar Birth Well LLC, providing classes, retreats, and circles for pregnant and postpartum women to honor their rite of passage into motherhood.

Bel Kimson

Bel has a professional background in HR, Social Work, and Counseling. She is also a qualified Yoga Teacher, Wild Woman’s Way Circle™ Facilitator and a Breathwork Mastery Practitioner (in training). Through exploration of her own breath and body, Bel is now living an embodied and conscious life, and loves to support people in reconnecting with their own inner wisdom to do the same.

Melisa Alba

Melisa Alba is a Self Directed Healing Practitioner who helps people to release self limiting beliefs and heal years of trauma. She helps provide you with the tools to better your relationship with yourself and your relationships with others by setting boundaries, learning to speak your truth, and to better connect with your body’s messages.

Belle Martin
California, USA

After decades performing and coaching at the highest professional levels of Afro Latin, Argentine Tango, and Swing, Belle realized there was more to dance than technique and competition. Discovering a love for conscious dance, Belle now delights in helping others find their innate soulfulness and unique way of movement for healing, expression, and enjoyment.

Nina Mclellan

Collaborating with exceptional teachers from around the world, Nina has cultivated her own personal, sacred practice for transformation. Merging ancient wisdom with contemporary teaching, she values music, movement, celebration and ritual. Through these practices, she empowers women to discover their individual vitality, liberated from societal constraints, and to embrace the magic found within the depths of pleasure and connection.

Charli Wall
United Kingdom & Online

Charli, a compassionate Addictions Specialist Nurse, integrates her expertise as a Personal Trainer, YTT 200, Counsellor, Life Coach and Rewilding Guide. Former owner of a female-only outdoor Bootcamp, she shifted her business online by the sea in Norfolk. Charli hosts online Circles and Rewilding Retreats, cultivating a lively feminine community on Facebook. A Wild Woman’s Circle™ Teacher since 2024, she treasures beach and woods moments with her dogs, occasionally joined by her adult son.

Landra Bickley Eliopoulos
Greece & Online

Landra blends 20+ years of people and leadership experience with 15+ years of embodiment practices. She is a UCLA trained mindfulness facilitator, a certified Wild Women’s Circle™ teacher & the author of The Work Wellness Deck. Landra supports and empowers women through individual coaching, workshops, retreats & circle gatherings. Learn more about her work at Landra.Me

Anna Hottinger

Anna is an equine assisted coach, specialized in working with young adults and women, supporting them to find their authentic way of living and their unique mission in the world. Inspired by her own journey of rebalancing body, mind and soul, she is passionate about empowering her clients through movement and breathing practices, the being with horses and her individual accompaniment with various tools. She offers woman circles and one to one coaching in Switzerland.

Maris Severance

Originally from Germany and now living in the US, Maris helps empathic women shine in business and deepen in their relationships. As a trained spiritual teacher she combines energy healing and past life work to align women with their core values. Maris has found that embodiment practices powerfully complement her healing work. She loves to travel, enjoys a good laugh, and is always ready to groove to her favorite 80s tunes. Classes are offered in both English and German.